Military Credit Cards

I have over 50 credit cards. Some I got because of great sign up bonuses. Others I got for 5-6% cash back on basic purchases. With the right combo of cards you can easily get 5% cash back on: Gas, Groceries, Restaurants, Fast Food, Office Stores, Cable, Internet, Phone Bill, Drug Stores, Fitness Stores, Travel, Book Stores, Movies

MILITARY INFO: With SCRA Benefits many of these credit cards are amazing. For example, some of these cards have $500+ annual fees, but these are waived every year due to military status. Even though the annual fee is waived you still get the great benefits like $200 credits and free priority pass membership or free hotel room nights every year. 

Here are some of my credit cards

Where to Start?? 
There are the three credit cards that every military member should have in my opinion.

If you want to split the referral bonus ($50-$75) on any of these just send me an email ( and i'll send you a referral!

Other cards that have unique benefits (extra cash back on specific categories) are below

  • American Express Cash Preferred

    • Benefits: 6%(Groceries), 3%(Gas + Department Stores)
    • Annual fee: $75 but you can get that waived via the SCRA benefits for being a military member. 
    • Sign up bonus: $250. Email me ( and i'll send you a referral code and i'll split the $75 referral bonus they give me so i'll give you $37.50 in addition so your sign up bonus will be $287.50

    • Chase Freedom

      • Benefits: Has rotating 5% cash back categories (Now - Gas, Movies, Starbucks)
      • Annual fee: Hone 
      • Sign up bonus: $200 cash bonus (I have a referral link I can send if you are interested, just send me an email)

      • Chase Ink Business

        • Benefits: 5% back at Office Stores, Phone, Cable, Internet.  
        • Annual fee: None
        • Sign up bonus: $200 cash bonus. Send me email for referral bonus which i'll split wit you. 

      • USAA Cash Back Rewards Plus

        • Benefits: 5% cash back at gas stations and on-base purchase like the exchange/commissary. 2% cash back at other grocery stores.
        • Annual fee: None
        • Sign up bonus: None
        I have over 50 credit cards, so if you are thinking of getting a chase/american express card, just send me an email ( and i'll send you a referral and split the bonus with you


        1. wow
          how do you get them to waive the annual fee with the SCRA?

          1. I literally just got off the phone with Barclay. They need a copy of your orders or LES showing Actived duty start and end date... good luck!

          2. Easiest way is to just check online or call bank directly and they will be able to help you get the benefits applied.


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