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  1. I am ordering a heavy shower door from Home Depot online and want to use my military discount. I need to have the item shipped to my home not to the store. So, how would I get this discount while paying on line?

    1. I would try ordering as normal and shipping it to your house. I would then bring the receipt and your military ID to Home Depot. My best guess is that they would give you a Home Depot gift card with th 10% military discount savings on it

  2. I just purchased a lawn mower from Home Depot. They advertised a military discount for the Memorial Day holiday. I qualify. However the item was on sale. They would not let me double up on the price. That was fine. But my military discount could have saved me more then the sale price.They would not let me pay regular price with a military discount. What do you think?

  3. I recently made purchases at Home Depot and Lowe's and they declined to honor my %10 discount w my military I.D. They both said not on sale items. I have not read anything regarding this policy. Is this a new policy? I haven't encountered this in the past.


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