Sunday, February 10, 2019

Financial Secrets for Military Members

During my time during active duty i've tried to take advantage of all of the financial perks of being in the military. Here are my three favorite benefits:

1.) Credit cards
  • Most credit card companies waive annual fee's for military members. I think all military members should have the following three credit cards as a must:
    1. American Express Platinum
      • $600 sign up bonus.
      • Free yearly $200 in annual Uber credits
      • Free yearly $200 airline credit
      • Sign up here

    2. American Express Hilton Aspire
      • 100,000 point sign up bonus
      • One free weekend annual night. 
      • Free yearly $250 airline credit
      • Free yearly $250 resort credit
      • Sign up here

    3. Chase Sapphire Reserve
      • 50,000k sign up bonus (worth $750 in travel). Free annual $300 travel credit
      • Sign up here
2.) Investments 
  • You can contribute to BOTH the Roth IRA and the Roth TSP. Both of these allow your money to grow tax free so that you can keep all your money when you retire. 
  • Roth IRA - up to $5500 every year - I would recommend opening account with Vanguard and if you are looking to keep things simple just investing in the S&P500. 
  • Roth TSP - up to $18,500 every year
  • To manage your finances I like Personal Capital. They are similar to Mint but better. 

3.) Other Sweet Deals (3 examples)

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