Sunday, December 17, 2017

2018 BAH Rates Just Released

2018 BAH rates were just released. Depending on your zip code you may have an increase or a decrease in your areas BAH. For example, I live in San Antonio and will receive an extra $18/month in 2018. 

If you notice that your rates are going to decrease, don't panic!!! If you live in an area where the rate is getting lowered for 2018, you will be grandfathered into your old, higher rate until you leave the area or change rank. Also, if you get promoted and your new rank receives a lower rate, you will continue to receive your old, higher rate.

Click here to check your new rate

Over the last several years, here are the actual BAH average increases:
2018 - 0.7%
2017 - 2.4%
2016 - 3.4%
2015 - 0.5%
2014 - 5.0%
2013 - 3.8%
2012 - 2.0%

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