Friday, September 22, 2017

American Express Platinum partnership with Uber and UberEATS

American Express recently (Mar 2017) partnered with Uber to offer a $200 credit to all Uber purchases annually on their AMEX "Platinum" cards. They give a $15 credit monthly (+ $35 in December).

This $15 credit can be used for Uber and for UberEATS. When you add your card to the Uber or UberEATS iPhone app it will show up as a credit. I have three AMEX Platinum cards so after adding them, it showed up as a $45 credit.

I rarely use Uber so I recently used UberEATS for the first time. My wife and I ordered a couple of Subs from Firehouse Subs and had them delivered to our house. There is a $4.99 processing fee that includes the cost of delivery. No tip is required.

What American Express Cards Qualify for this DEAL?
  • All regular platinum cards (including the Mercedes Benz, Schwab, Ameritrade variants)
  • The business platinum does not count toward the deal. 

Whats the most effective way to maximize the discount?
  • If you have multiple cards, make just one order, that way you only have to pay one processing fee.
  • If you only have one card, look for a meal around $10. With the $5 processing fee you meal will then come out to be FREE. 
  • Use a sign up bonus to get $5 off your first 2 orders. Mine is eats-uberd4m. Just enter in that code on the promo box in the app once downloaded - link - or download app

Looking to sign up for the AMEX Platinum. Current sign up bonus is 60,000 points (~$600-800 depending on how you redeem). If interested, email me at and I will split referral bonus with you ($150). 

Examples of restaurants and specific item options

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