Friday, December 23, 2016

2017 BAH and BAS changes

It's almost 2017 which means BAH and BAS will be updated for everyone.

  • BAS will not change for 2017
    • The rates will be the same as 2016 (Officers: $253.63,   Enlisted: $368.29)
  • BAH WILL CHANGE for most service members in 2017. On Average the rate will increase 2.4% or $41/month for most servicemembers
    • For example in San Antonio, my BAH rate increased 6% or $100/month
To see your new BAH rate for 2017, click here or enter in your information below


According to an article on, certain locations near Atlanta, GA will see increases up to 19% whereas certain locations near Minot, ND will experience an average drop of 11%. 

If you notice that your rates are going to decrease, don't panic!!! If you live in an area where the rate is getting lowered for 2017, you will be grandfathered into your old, higher rate until you leave the area or change rank. Also, if you get promoted and your new rank receives a lower rate, you will continue to receive your old, higher rate.

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