Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Unlimited 2.5% Cash Back for USAA members

Check and see if you are targeted for USAA's Limitless 2.5% Cash Back Credit Card. 
This pilot program offers 2.5% cash back on ALL purchases dependent on setting up an $1000 monthly direct deposit in your USAA checking account, and 1.5% cash back without the direct deposit. There is no annual fee.

This is one of the best credit card cash back rewards you can find.

If you are targeted, you may see a screen like this on your account overview page:

It sounds like this offer right now is only available to people that live in LA, KS, ID, NM but will be opening up to everyone on Oct 28th...

To find out if you or your family is eligible for USAA, click HERE

Thanks to Doctor of Credit for the information for this post.

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