Thursday, October 6, 2016


Disneyland and Disneyworld have renewed and updated their military discount for admission tickets in 2017!!! 

Here are your options:

  • 3 Day Park Hopper for $156
  • 4 Day Park Hopper for $181
Sale begins Nov. 1 2016 and expires Dec. 16 2017. Blackout dates include 4/9/17-4/23/17.

  • 4 Day Park Hopper for $209
  • 5 Day Park Hopper for $224
  • 4 Day Park Hopper and Water Parks Fun for $246
  • 5 Day Park Hopper and Water Parks Fun for $261
Tickets can be bought now through Dec 16 2017, but can only be used Jan 1-Dec 19 2017. Blackout dates include 4/9/17-4/23/17.

Tickets are basically 50% off when it comes down to it.

Who's Eligible?
  • Active or retired members of the U.S. Military (this includes the National Guard, Reservists, and the U.S. Coast Guard)
How many tickets can I get?
  • You may purchase up to 6 Military Promotional Tickets. The tickets may be purchased by the service member or their spouse. This means if the husband/wife was deployed, the spouse could still take their family for example. 

Where can I buy tickets?
  • You can buy tickets form your base ticket office if you have one or you can purchase them from the official Disney ticket windows. The advantage of buying them from your base would be that they would be tax free.

My wife and I and our kids recently went to Disneyland. Check out our experience below!

1.) Find your closest Military Base Ticket Office
You can go to any branches ticket office. I am Army and I went to the Air Force Academy's Ticket Office. If you are not near a military base you can actually order them over the phone but that is a complicated process and takes several weeks. You can also buy them at Disneyland but you may have to pay additional taxes where as the tickets are tax free on base.

2.) Go to the office and pay for the tickets. 

3.) Bring the vouchers to Disneyland and present them at one of the normal ticket lines. They will issue you your official 3-day-pass (see photo below). They take a picture of you and that picture comes up on a screen each time you try and enter the park. The service member or spouse must be present at the gate.

4.) Have a blast at the park. We went on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. You don't have to use the passes on 3 consecutive days. You could go once in May, April, and June if you wanted. 

Other Tips and Suggestions

  • You can bring in any food or drinks that you want, which will save a lot of money if you're at the park all day. But no glass except for baby food in glass jars. 
  • Bring in your own big water bottle. 
  • You can get a pin "first visit" at customer relations just inside the gate. 
  • Visit Is it Packed? to get an idea of good and bad times to visit
  • Disneyland Wait Time App, so you know what the lines look like before you get to them

For more information, visit Disney's official page HERE 

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