Saturday, March 5, 2016

Goodwill's Military Discount

I shop at Goodwill. I know some of you readers are too "high class" to wear hand me downs but I'm pretty frugal and as such like to find my Jordan basketball shorts for $3 at goodwill vs $30 at footlocker (which by the way has a 20% military discount).

There isn't an "official" Goodwill Military Discount, however in my experience, 100% of Goodwill stores have a discount for military members. Some examples below:

  • In Hawaii, Military Members save 20% on Wednesdays
  • In Denver, Military Members save 15% everyday
  • In southern California, Members get 10% off everyday
  • In Washington, Members get 25% off on Thursdays

Take home message is to remember to ask if the stores you shop at have a military discount. Every penny counts. Most major clothing store brands have a military discount.

Like what you read? Want more deals for military?

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