Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Military Star Card Promotions (Dec 18-20) - Free Food, Save $0.10/gallon

I recently signed up for the Military Star Card. There are a couple benefits of the card that make it interesting. The first are the promotions they offer on a weekly basis. Below you'll read about 2 of them (Free drink and an increase from 5cents off to 10cents off per gallon of gas). The card also gives you free shipping when ordering online from the exchange. Another nice perk is the 10% off at exchage restaurants. There are other benefits, but I consider those to be the best.

Another perk about the card is the 10% cash back bonus you get on all purchases made the first day. Occasionally they will bump the bonus up to 15% cash back. This is great for buying uniforms, etc. Christian, the author of My13Cents and contributor to this blog as well, wrote a very interesting post last month on how to maximize the 15% cash back bonus they give occasionally. Click here to read his post

From December 18th to December 20th, there are two promotions going on that I like:
  • Receive a FREE coffee or fountain drink with an in-store MILITARY STAR Express purchase
  • Save 10¢ per gallon when you use your MILITARY STAR card at any Exchange fuel location
To go directly to the Military Star's Promotion Page - Click Here

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