Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Microsoft Office $9.95 for NAVY Military Members

For awhile the Microsoft Office Professional Plus software package has been discounted for military members. Normally it costs $399, however the make it available to military members for less than $10.

Navy members have been running into problems lately getting the code to work however. Thankfully it looks like the problem has been solved.

In order to participate in the deal, you must have a valid NGEN (Navy Marine Corps Intranet) email address
  • e.g., John.Smith@navy.mil, or John.Smith@pacom.mil
  • if you email has the following format, it will not work unfortunately: John.Doe@XX.navy.mil

For Army/Air Force Military Members - Click here for Army/Air Force specific Instructions on how get your $10 Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus Package

For Navy Specific Instructions, see below
  1. To take advantage of the Military $10 Microsoft Home Use Program - use your home computer or laptop. Don't use your military computer or you will run into firewall problems.
  2. Go to: Microsoft's Military Discount Page - Microsoft HUP
  3. Enter your USMC e-mail address and insert either of the following program codes for the Marine Corps Home Use Program: 
    • For Non-NGEN USMC users please use program code 44C0707F11 (For Office Pro, Visio Pro, and Project Pro)
    • For NGEN USMC users please use program code or 18DCD3115E (For Office Pro and Visio Pro)
    • The code 67F2F2491D also has been reported to be successful as well. 
  4. Make sure you select United States as the country
  5. If the site does not accept your USMC domain, please notify ITSSCustomerCare@usmc.mil to add your domain.
Click here to get your personal copy of the Microsoft 2016 Professional Plus Package for $10

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  1. If you are stationed on a ship, your email will not work. Only the guys on shore duty with NMCI emails can benefit from this.

  2. Neither 44C0707F11 or 67F2F2491D for navy did not work I tried them both multiple times I have an NMCI email address. It's just navy.mill one.

  3. Of course it doesn't work for the Navy. That would be to easy.

  4. 18DCD3115E I used this one just now and it worked

  5. i just used the 18DCD3115E one as well and no problems from my @navy.mil email address

  6. Just used 18DCD3115E for USN and it worked with no issues.

  7. How do you get this program on your personal laptop if you have to be at work to get the code from your navy email address?

    1. I am on a ship, how do I get to purchase this item if I'm on a ship?

  8. forward the email from your .mil email to your personal email then download and enjoy

  9. 18DCD3115E no longer working from a Navy ship's email account.

  10. I am currently on a ship. None of the codes provided for the Navy is working.

  11. Any luck for the Navy folks? CODES still not working....

  12. I am Navy, but in a Green side billet with a usmc email, and 18DCD3115E worked! Thank you!

  13. I am Navy, 18DCD3115E worked just fine from home computer.

  14. Navy stationed on a ship.. none of the codes are working.... :(

  15. 18DCD3115E still works as of today. You need a plain old navy.mil address without a ship domain

  16. The 44C0707F11 worked for my .mil@mail.mil address!


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