Saturday, August 15, 2015

Where can I get FREE Tickets for Military Members?

Military Members, Looking for FREE, DISCOUNTED Tickets?

Here is our list of FREE tickets for 2015

1.) Sporting Events, Plays, Comedy Shows, Concerts (Vettix)
  • This is available to Veterans, Active Duty, Reserve Military Members
  • I've gotten free tickets to NBA, NFL, MLB games, michael buble concert, comedy shows, and many others. 
2.) Sea World Parks and Entertainment
3.) Free Tickets to Zoo's
  • Free admission includes the following locations: Bronx, Houston, Louisville, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Smithsonian, Utah. Plus discounts to many others. 
4.) Free Museum Tickets (over 2000 locations)
  • This is program is currently going on right now!
5.) Free Admission to Legoland in Florida
  • Valid throughout all 2015
7.) Knott's Berry Farm (Military Tribute Days)
  • Free park admission usually between Nov and January. Specific dates not set for 2015 
  • Six additional tickets may be purchased at a discounted rate of $22.
  • This year they also gave out free tickets in May
8.) Free WWE Wrestling Tickets
9.) State Fairs
  • Most state or county fairs will offer free tickets on certain days for Military
10.) Ski/Snowboarding Passes

11.) Free Baseball Game Tickets
  • The Tampa Bay Rays are giving away free tickets for the remainder of the 2015 season. Click here for more info
  • Other MLB Ticket Discounts can be found here
12.) Disneyland
  • Read our experience here
13.) Schlitterbahn Waterpark
  • Free admission on certain days during the year

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      1. Wow to all the companies that give military and veterans this break. That is great! . but wish more companies would remember those that serve and honor them for their sacrifice. Some make close to minimum wage, to serve and protect America. It would NOT be America without our Veterans.


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