Friday, July 10, 2015

Sam's Club Membership for $15 (New Members and Renewals)

This is the best discount that i've ever seen published for Military Members. A standard Sam's Club membship costs $45. Military Members normally get a $15 gift card with new memberships or renewals.

For the entire month of July (July 1- July 31) you get a $15 gift card AND $15 worth of food (Sliced Turkey, Cookies, and Rolls). The cost of membership is normally $45 so this brings the cost of membership down to around $15.

See image below for details

My Thoughts: 
  • People considering a Sam's Club Membership - this deal is average. Sam's club has had very similiar offers on Zulily and Groupon recently. Those are now expired so if you are looking for a membership today this is definitely the best deal around right now.
  • Current Sam's Club Members - This is an AWESOME deal for people who are already Sams Club Members and were thinking of renewing. Those other deals on groupon and zulily only apply to new members, NOT renewals. You won't find a better renewal deal at Sam's Club than this.
  • Full details on discount - click here

Common Questions about the Discount
  • How much is the Discount? You get a $15 Sam's Club Gift Card + Vouchers for FREE Food. 
  • How do I get the Discount? You can only apply for the discount IN STORE
  • Who can apply? Active and Retired Military and Civilian military employees and their spouses
  • Is this only for new members? No, this can be used for old members if they want to renew their yearly membership
  • Do I need to bring Military Identification? YES
  • Can I combine this with another discount? No, offer cannot be combined with any other membership offers
  • Can I use the Gift Card to pay for the membership? No
  • Do you have the link to Sam's Clubs site? Yes, click here

Once you get to the store, go to the member service desk and tell them you would like to sign up for a membership and show them your military ID.

Thanks Maximizing Money for pointing out this discount! Check out his site for a ton of non-military discounts!!

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