Saturday, March 18, 2017

Get an additional 10% off your USAA Auto Insurance Bill

I just moved from Colorado to Texas which is a good thing when it comes to USAA's auto insurance discounts.

Here are 3 ways to save an extra 10% off your auto insurance bill:

1.) Sign up for their Driving Research Program (Savings 5%)
  • In order to qualify for this program you must live in Arizona, Idaho, Texas, Washington, or Virginia
  • While I lived in Arizona 2 years ago I participated in the program. You can read my full review here
  • If you want to sign up, click here
When you get your bill statement you will see the following discounts

2.) Sign up for automatic payments (Savings 3%)
  • This is easy to do. Click on your Auto & Property Bill tab and on the right hand side there will be column that on the top says "I want to...". Below that is a link that says set up automatic payments. Click that and you are good to go. 
When you do that you will notice this blurb in your statement

Then on your bill statement you will see the following discount added!

3.) Pay your automatic payments with a credit card (Savings 2%)

4.) Ask for additional discounts if you call USAA
  • Ask them straight up "What other discounts can you find that I qualify for?" "Are you sure there aren't any other discounts?"
  • In the past/present I've qualified for student discount, multi-car discount, passive-restraint discount, premier driver discount, any many others. 
My 6 month premium for 2 cars is $271.74. This is low because of many of the above discounts. That comes out to $22.58/month per car. Because both of my cars are probably worth under 6k (2009 Hyundai accent + 2001 Honda civic) I opted for just liability and not full comprehensive. I wouldn't recommend full comprehensive if your cars are worth less than 6k. 

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