Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Raleigh/Durham Airport USO Review

We recently went to visit my brother who works at Fort Bragg last month. We flew into the Raleigh/Durham Airport and had a chance to check out their USO.

Here is our review....

How do I find the USO?

  • The USO is found in Terminal 2 before you go through security. If you walk through the main doors you will see a Starbucks on the left side. There is a hallway with a USO sign there. Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor and then follow the USO signs through a couple hallways until you get to the room. Have any question? Call them at 919-840-0941. They are open 24/7

Things we liked
  • Great area for kids. Lots of toys and a gate so they cant escape the area.

  • Very friendly. Maybe the most friendly staff at a USO but then again it seems like all the volunteers at the USO are the nicest people in the world
  • Great food selection. While we were there, a local pizza and a local sandwich shop had donated food so there was a ton of great fresh food in addition to a lot of snacks. They also had 4 small refrigerators full of waters, sodas, juices, etc. 
  • They are open 24/7
  • Nice area to relax and watch TV

Things we didn't like
  • Nothing!!
In conclusion, if you are passing through the Raleigh/Durham Airport I would definitely check out the USO. For a 3D view of the USO check out Google Maps Street View of the place!! (Link)

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