Saturday, April 11, 2015

Top 10 Perks of Military Travel

Being a member of the military makes traveling so much easier.
We rated the 10 BEST perks of personal and official travel as a military member here:

1. Access to the USO's
    Free food, entertainment, places to rest and relax.
    See some of our own reviews HERE

2. More FREE luggage - brief summary below. For our full post visit here
    Alaska Airlines: 5 free checked bags
    American Airlines: up to 5 free checked bags
    Delta: 4 free bags
    Frontier: Unlimited bags
    Hawaiian Air: 4 free bags
    Southwest: 3 free bags
    United: 4 free checked bags
    US Airways: 5 free checked bags

Many of these airlines have free bags for military dependents also. The amount of bags varies whether you are traveling on active duty orders or just on leisure time. For full details see our post here

3. Skip the Security Line!!
All military members are eligible for TSA Precheck expedited screening line where you don't have to remove your shoes, laptop, and liquids? To participate, enter your DOD number in the "Known Travel Member" field. For full details on TSA Precheck visit here

4. Early boarding
This is a perk that many airlines have. American Airlines lets military board with first class for example. Southwest offers early boarding to military in uniform. Delta and United also have early boarding for military.

5. Free entrance to United Club Lounges
We have a whole post dedicated to this topic here

6. Rental Cars
This can be a hit or miss. If you call over the phone most places will give you some kind of discount but it isn't always better than the discounts you may find on hotwire or expedia. For my experience click here

7. Discounted Lodging
Most hotels will give around a 15% discount for military members. For a list of links to all the hotel brands and their military discount web pages click here

8. Discounted Airline Tickets
We just wrote about this last month. Most all airlines have military discounts!!! The only thing is they don't like to advertise the prices online so you have to call them directly. For a list of the specific phone numbers you will need, click here

9. Military Discounts in Specific Cities
We have a list with over 10 cities like Washington DC, San Antonio, Colorado Springs, San Diego and some of the great military discounts to take advantage of while traveling. Click here to view the list

10. Free Priority Pass Membership
American Express is kind enough to waive the annual fee for military members on its credit cards. It has several credit cards like the American Express Platinum Card that come with a free priority pass membership. This gets you into hundreds of lounges throughout the world. The card normally has a $450 annual fee but it is waived for military members who apply for SCRA benefits. To learn more click here

Hopefully you were able to find out some new PERKS to take advantage of the next time you travel. Share this blog post with your military friends and family so they can take advantage also.

For more military perks on traveling, I recommend following the blog The Military Frequent Flyer. He always has great tips and experiences.

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  1. Just found out that United doesn't offer military discounts on air fare.

  2. I just found out that United no longer offers a military fare.


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