Sunday, January 11, 2015

DON'T MISS these Military Discounts in 2015!

Be sure to check out these awesome Military Discounts in 2015. These could save you hundreds of dollars!!!

Our FAVORITE Military Discounts for 2015
  1. Free or Discounted Admission To Over 30 Zoo's
  2. Disney's Military Rates for 2015
  3. Gym Membership Discounts
  4. Ski/Snowboarding Military Discounts
  5. Free Access to Nursing Hotline 24/7
  6. Cell Phone - Military/Veteran Wireless Discounts
  7. Warehouse Military Discounts (BJ's, Costco, Sam's Club)
  8. Lower Your Interest Rates & Waive Your Fees
  9. Radio Shack Military Discount (10%)
  10. Upgrade to a Drivers Licence with Veteran Designation
  11. Free Tutoring for Military Families
  12. Military Auto Discounts (Savings of over $3000)
  13. Free Premium Membership
  14. Free Entertainment, Sports, Concert Tickets
  15. Free Anti Virus Software
  16. Truck Rental Discounts
  17. Microsoft Office for $9.95
  18. Great Wolf Lodge Discount
  19. Under Armour Military Discount: 10-15% off
  20. 2015 National Park Pass - Free

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