Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Airline Tickets - Military Discount

If you are traveling this Christmas you may have wondered if there are any discounts for military members. A few of the airlines do have military discounts that may allow you to save. Also you may be interested to know that most airlines offer free bags for military on orders or for leisure travel - click here for more info on free bags.

Let's review all the different airline's military discounts.

  • American Airlines offers a military discount. In order to receive this discount you must talk to a representative over the phone at 800-433-7300

  • Delta offers a military discounts. It is not advertised or offered online. You must call 1-800-221-1212 to talk to an agent. Military identification must be provided.

  • Frontier Airlines offers military to Active Duty Military. They may require ID cards and/or separation papers in certain markets. In order to get the military discount you must contact the Reservation Call Center, 800-432-1359, to book. As an added benefit, the fares are refundable, which allows the military passenger flexibility in case their orders change.

  • For more info on military leisure travel - click here

  • This is a great discount when flying last second. Most airlines jack up the prices within a week or two of flying. Southwest allows military members to still get a lower price by calling their customer service center. For a full report on Southwest's Military Discount - Click here

  • Click here for more information

  • United Airlines has a 5% military discount available exclusively through a program called 'Veterans Advantage'. The problem is the 'Veterans Advantage' charges $60/year. This is worth the discount if you plan on traveling enough to spend over $1200 on United Airlines flights. 

  • US Airways offers special rates to military personnel traveling on an officially excused absence and to discharged personnel within 7 days of discharge. The military passenger must carry valid active duty identification or separation papers. 
    • Special rates do NOT apply to military personnel on temporary duty orders traveling to or from their temporary duty station. 
  • Military Dependents - special rates DO apply. They must be related to the military passenger and must present a uniformed Services ID and privilege card marked 'active'
  • The phone number to call is 800-428-4322

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