Saturday, September 13, 2014

Apple Military Discount

Does Apple have a Military Discount? The answer is Yes. The military discount is only on a few items however. These items include their MacBook and iPad. Before you use their military discount I would definitely compare discounts at stores like best buy or amazon because they are often cheaper then the online apple military discount.

So lets break down their military discount for you with some simple questions

  1. How do I get Apple's Military Discount?
    • To my knowledge this discount is only available online. It is NOT available in stores. To visit the Apple Military Discount Website click here
  2. How much is the Military Discount?
    • Around 7-10% off
    • Two Examples
      • iPad Air normally $499. Military Discount = $469. This is $30 savings which is about 8% off.
      • iPad Mini normally $299. Military Discount = $279. This is $20 savings which is 8% off
      • MacBook Pro with retina display is normally $1299. The military discount is $1199. This is $100 savings which is about 9% off
  3. Is the military discount even a good deal?
    • It depends. For example, you can buy the iPad Air on Amazon right now for $426 which is over $40 cheaper than the military discount. On the other hand, the MacBook Pro with retina display at Amazon is $1279 which is cheaper than normal but not as good as the military discount. 
  4. What about the iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, etc., do they have a military discount?
    • No, sorry....
  5. Are there any other Apple discounts we should know about?
    • If you don't mind refurbished products they have good discounted prices on many of their products like MacBooks, iPads, and Apple TVs. Check it out here

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