Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Moving Truck Comparison (Budget, U-Haul, Penske)

Military families are known for moving. Its summer (moving time) so let me give you some advice and how to find the BEST deal! In this post we will compare Budget vs. U-Haul vs. Penske.

Budget and Penske both have official military discounts of around 20%. U-Haul does not have an official military discount but if you read below you can find out how to get one.

I am moving at the end of this month. In this post, I'll compare the rates from all three companies and will give you an idea about the savings you can get by being a member of the US Military. The rates below are for my families move from Phoenix to Colorado Springs. The costs will vary from location to location and on different days of the week so make sure to check all three companies and verify your military discount with them before making your final reservation.

Teaser...Budget wins (Keep reading for all the details)

Budget - Military save 20%
  • Budget offers 20% off for Military members. Use the code USMILORD (Click Here for Direct Link)
  • My Trip:
    • The quote below says $416 but my reservation was quoted for $325 a couple days ago. Either way, it was way cheaper then the competition. Budget has great military discounts. If you enter "USMILORD" in the promo code section you will get 20% off your rental
    • Final Cost: $416 (16' Truck)

  • U-Hauls does not have a official military discount. If you call their sales department (800-468-4285 - ask to be transferred to the sales department) they often will give better rate for military members. Usually 10-15% off.   
  • My Trip
    • They didn't have a 16 foot truck to compare to Budget so I'll compare it to their 14' truck that cost $543. I called their sales department and asked if they had a military discount, the representative offered to give me 10% off. This brought the 14' truck down from $543 to $493
    • They said they would match competitors rates but not if included a special going on. I assume this meant other competitors military discounts. So not as cheap as Budget in this case
    • Final Cost = $493 (14' Foot Truck)

  • Penske offers 10% off for military. They have an additional 10% off for booking online which adds up to 20%.
  • My Trip: 
    • Penske wanted to originally charge me $635 with the 10% Military Discount. I told them that I had a reservation with Budget for much less. They said that they are willing to match other competitors but only up to $200 from the original Penske quote. So $635-$200 = $435. Still not cheaper than Budget
    • Final Cost = $435 (16' Truck)

  • Rate comparison (in my families move)
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  1. That was very informative! Thank you for sharing! My brother is in Army and I'll show him this post. He moves really often.


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