Saturday, June 14, 2014

Easy Extra Money $

Looking for easy ways to save money? You can easily save/make over $100 using these techniques.

Grocery Stores - Have you ever heard of quadruple couponing?!? These apps allow you to stack coupon offers and save at the grocery store. All they require is for you to take a picture of your receipt. These will easily save you $30 at the grocery store weekly.
  • Ibotta
    • Pretty much the sweetest phone app ever. I've gotten so many groceries for free!
    • Also a great app. Very similar to Ibotta.
    • Same as above. Discounts off groceries!
For example, once all three programs above had $1 off the same box of cereal. The cereal only cost $2.50 so I actually made $.50.
    • Lets you print out physical coupons. The three mentioned above (Ibotta, Checkout51, Shopmium) are all digital on your phone

Searching the Internet - I stopped using Google last year when I found out I could be making around $15-20 each month using its competitor search engines. 
  • Bing Rewards
    • Free points every search you make. Redeem for gift cards. I make about $10 a month
  • Swagbucks
    • Another search engine that rewards you for searching. Free amazon gift cards. 

Shopping Online - Free $10 sign up bonus
  • Ebates
    • I love ebates because it has every store (walmart, amazon, etc). It gives you cash back on everything you buy online. This is on top of any reward points you earn on your credit card!

Revenue from website
  • Flexoffers
    • Allows you to put affiliate advertising on your blog or website. I have a Budget truck rental ad on my site and in turn earn revenue (4.5%) of what the viewer purchases. For example if some one made a $100 rental I would get $4.50. If you have a website/blog, try it out!

Extra credit card points
  • Amazon Payments
    • Allows you to send friends an family $1000 via credit card each month. Its just like paypal or google wallet without the fees. This gives you at least 1000 extra hotel or flight points for your next vacation trip.

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