Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Walgreens Military Discount on Tuesdays

At Walgreens Military Members Get:
15% off on all products and
20% off Walgreen's products (W, Nice brands) on Tuesdays! This discount is year-round :)

Not all stores participate. Check your local Walgreens to see if they do. 
(Ours does! Yay!) So just to clear things up...this discount is NOT an official discount. Many stores do honor this discount year round. The only OFFICIAL military discount at Walgreens is the same 15/20% off honored on veterans day.

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  1. No discount in Shepherdville Ky for veterans

  2. This SSG Dennis J. Stankewich here in Laredo, Texas. The Walgreens here in Laredo do not offer a Veterans Discount. What gives with that? We came down to live here from Anchorage, Alaska. All of the Walgreens there offered a Military discount. Maybe the Regional manager should know about this. I think until all Walgreens here offer a Military discount, I myself and every veteran I can find here in Laredo, boycott all the local Walgreens. Policy changes are in order here and all across the country. I will take my business else where until they do.

    Respectfully serving,

    SSG Dennis J. Stankewich(Retired)


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