Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Growing up, no one really ever taught me how to handle my money, no one taught me how to start saving for retirement. It is something that most people just learn by themselves. Looking back I would have enjoyed having a finance class in high school. Others must have felt the same way because I've heard they have started teaching finance as early as middle schools now. I've made my share of financial mistakes and wish I could have found these 8 sites early in my life. They all have great financial advice and great deals that you wont find anywhere else.
Here is a list of my favorite Financial Blogs
  1. My Money Blog - the author is Jonathan. He writes about great deals, investment ideas, tax ideas, and new concepts such as myIRA and more
  2. Personal Finance Digest - I read this blog everyday. It gets updated M-F. He covers a series a great deals, funny news, and money making opportunities in every post.
  3. Maximizing Money - This was one of the first financial blogs I ever started reading. It gets updated daily with new financial bonuses (banks, credit cards, etc). The author also keeps you updated with the latest sweet deals
  4. My Thirteen Cents - Written by another military member with updated deals.
  5. Hustler Money Blog - Updates on newest credit card, bank bonuses. Always updates american express offers and has fun offers like free gift card promotion for test driving cars. 
Here are 4 fantastic MILITARY Financial Blogs
  1. Military Finance - Written by a Military Doctor in the Navy with a ton of sweet deals and how to maximize you military benefits. He's an expect on the SCRA credit card benefits
  2. Military Money Manual - Great advice including TSP, taxes, loans, investments. etc.
  3. The Military Frequent Flyer - Great Military advice for traveling, credit cards, and many other subjects.
  4. Military Benefits - A very similar site to Deals4Military. There have lots of articles covering Military relevant questions and topics
Let me know if I missed any other amazing military or financial blogs in the comments below. 

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