Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Get $250 FREE from Navy Federal

Navy Federal Credit Union has some great sign up bonuses this week! They include a $50 sign up bonus and then up to $200 in investment bonuses. 
Here are the three bonuses:
1.) New member bonus = $50 (see below for link)
    • I signed up on Monday and the next day I got the bonus. All it requires is setting up a savings account. Here is a pic of the text they sent me.

Displaying photo.PNG
So right there is an easy $50. In order to open an account you have to deposit $5. I did this all online and it took about 5 minutes.

2.) $100 bonus for opening an IRA with at least $100. They have various IRA options like traditional or roth. They only offer certificates but they allow you to open a brokerage account which would allow you to buy mutual funds/stocks. 

  • I opened my account on Jan 15 and the bonus posted about two weeks later on Jan 30 (see below)

3.) $100 Bonus for rolling over an existing investment account (IRA, 401k) that has at least $5000 in it

My personal experience
I opened up an account and put $55 of my own money in the account(you only have to put in $5 however to get the bonus). The next day I got my $50 bonus. This put my account total at $100. I then used that $100 to open a traditional IRA. I put it in a one-year certificate account that earns .75% interest. They have other CD accounts that offer 3% interest but you must have a checking account also. 0.75% interest is nothing to be impressed with. However I will receive a 300% interest in one year on my original $50 deposit.

$50 deposit
     +$50 sign up bonus
=$100 dollars (put into IRA)
      +$100 IRA bonus
=$200!! (300% interest)

  1. Who can sign up?
    • Anyone that is Military (active, retired, etc), any family member of a military member. Click here for full list
  2. How do i sign up for the $50 new member bonus?
  3. How do I sign up for the $200 investment bonuses?
  4. Where is the Closest Navy Federal Bank?

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