Monday, December 9, 2013

Military - Free Access to Nursing Hotline 24/7

Did you know that Military members have access to a registered nurse via the telephone 24/7?
The nursing advice line is FREE to healthcare beneficiaries and can aid families make informed healthcare decisions and reduce unnecessary trips to the ER. This would be great in scenarios that aren't emergent but rather urgent.

The #: 254-553-3695
I called the number just to ask them some questions about the process. When you call you first speak with an operator that gathers your information. After that you will be transferred directly to a nurse or a nurse will call you back depending on the severity of your symptoms. 

Additionally, you can schedule an appointment to speak to a nurse 254-288-8888. (This number is not 24/7, like the nurse hotline is. The hours are 7am-4pm M-F).

Additionally, those stationed overseas are included at the number 00800-4759-2330 (or click HERE for the number if you live in Bahrain, Belgium, Italy, Greece, or Turkey).

Brought to you by TRICARE. Thanks, Tricare!
Remember if it is an emergency just call 911 right away.

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