Thursday, October 31, 2013

Phoenix Sky Harbor USO

The Phoenix USO is one of my favorites.

Here's why:

  • Out of all the USO's I've been to, this one has the most free stuff. LOTS of food, lots of candy, lots of drinks, not to mention toiletry items, keepsakes and other random misc. stuff
  • The USO workers are SO friendly and helpful
  • Lots of space, I've never felt crammed like I sometimes do at other USO's. I've visited about 5 times and I'm always pretty much the only one there.
  • Brand new!

Some cons:
  • Located outside security, so not convenient if you're in Phoenix for a lay-over
  • Difficult to find

Info about this USO:
  • Open 8-8 but willing to extend the hours for you
  • Located in terminal 4, level 2, East side
  • Phone number: 602-275-3813

Some pictures:

As you walk in...

Tables and TV

Bar overlooks the TV room (Recliners are in front of the TV)

Entertainment center

 I think for video games...?

More places to sit and relax


Private computer rooms (numerous)

So empty!

Separate children's room

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