Saturday, November 30, 2013

Upgrade to a Drivers Licence with Veteran Designation

If you are Active Military or a Veteran, the next time you go to get your license renewed you can now get it with "Veteran" designation. Check out the example images below.


In order to get the updated card you will need to fill out a form and show proof of current or past military service (often they require a copy of DD Form 214). You can add the "Veteran" Designation for free, however you may have to pay the cost of a new license.

Depending on the state, Military and Veterans can also get many other fees waived like vehicle registration. (Read our post on Free Car Registration and Title Fees and Plates)

I believe this is another great way to honor Veterans for their service to our country and protecting our freedom. This special recognition on their license can also be used to show military identification when asking for military discounts at restaurants or home depot for example. 

Here is the list of all 50 states that offer "Veteran" Designation. Click on your state to view details

You can also get a similar designation on your licence plates.

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  1. North Dakota is page not found, Ohio is linked to North Dakota.

  2. cant find info on veterans designation on Minnesota DL


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