Saturday, November 16, 2013

2x points until Jan 15 with USAA Mastercard

When you sign into USAA you can click on the "My Offers" tab. This opens up several offers for loans, credit cards, insurance, etc.

The best offers are always the credit card bonuses. For example I've signed up for 5% cash back on gas for a year, 2x points on gas and groceries. These compounded so I was getting 8% back on gasoline for awhile.

The latest offer is "Get double rewards points on all your purchases when you spend $2000 or more by Jan 15" (see image below) These offers are targeted so you might have different offers in your account.

Other Great offers or Promotions
  1. Small Business Saturday is coming up. Registration opens Nov 24. By registering any American Express card you can get $10 cash back on any small business purchase on Nov 30
  2. Free $10 sign up bonus and 8% cash back at by signing up for Ebates
  3. Cash back at restaurants using Plink plus $3 sign up bonus
  4. Use Swagbucks or Bing to get paid for searching the internet
  5. Free Financial Planning with Personal Capital. Free $10
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