Friday, October 18, 2013

How I ALWAYS get 20% off at HOME DEPOT

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Many of you already know and use the 10% military discount at Home Depot. It's great and can be used any day of the year (just show your ID). Thanks Home Depot for supporting the military!

However, I always get 20% off at Home Depot. Here's how:

1.) I buy discounted gift cards online that offer 7%-9% discounted home depot gift cards. These sites basically buy and sell used or new gift cards at a discount (not just Home Depot cards) A couple of my favorites are:

There are others but those are the ones I've tried and found VERY fast and reliable. They have guarantee's so there isn't a worry that you get a bad gift card or any thing like that.

NOTE: Be sure to buy the gift cards that can be used in-store and not the "e-cards" or ones that can only be used online. Although there is a way to apply the additional 10% military discount on online orders, it's a hassle. With the in-store gift cards you can apply the additional 10% military discount when you check out.

2.) I use my discounted gift cards just like I would use cash to make all my purchases at Home Depot and I'm able to use the additional 10% military discount on all my purchases.

3.) When I buy my discounted gift cards online, I use a credit card that gives me 2% cash back. Most of you have a credit card that will give you at least 1% cash back.
NOTE: Credit cards must be used responsibly or they'll bit you in the rear. I ALWAYS pay off my bills in full every month to avoid paying any interest.

So here's the Final Discount: 10% military discount + 8% discounted gift cards + 2% credit card rewards = 20%.

Not bad for a store like Home Depot that's hard for regular folks to get any discount. The savings really add up, especially if you own your own home or use home depot frequently. Here are some of my savings:

  • Bought new washer and dryer and refrigerator that cost about $1,000 = $200 saved. 
  • Painted several rooms in our house for about $200 = $40 saved
  • Yard and pool supplies for about $300 = $60 saved. 
Because YOU are Military you can do this same thing!

Today Only Savings from The Home Depot! While Supp

Anyways, just thought I would share because ONLY the military are able to get these awesome savings. Comment with any questions or with your experience!

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  1. If you have discover card, you can use which is usually 5% to 10% cashback for Home Depot... ;)

  2. awesome advise! it opens up a new ecommerce :D

  3. Go to post office and get movers packet of coupons and use 10% off coupon...

  4. Thank homdepot , i will save a lot of money.. Thank so much


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