Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Free $10 Gift Card to Target or Walmart

I started using Ebates about 2 years ago. I originally signed up because they had a $10 sign up bonus. I honestly didn't even understand what it was. Now that I understand it, I use it all the time. I've saved over $200 now. It is a cash back website that gives you a percentage back of your purchase at any online store. For example, lets say you spend $50 online at Kohls or Macy's. Ebates will give you 6-7% cash back which isn't much (only $3) but that adds up if you buy things online often.

Click Banner (Above) to Earn $5 Paypal Cash or $10 Gift Card to Target or Walmart
Here's the Catch, in order to get the $10 Gift Card you must make a purchase over $25. If you cant find something you were normally going to buy, i recommend just buying an american express gift card.
Here is some examples of it retailers and amount you could save:

Here are some common questions about Ebates:

  • You get to decide how they pay you. They will either send you a check in the mail or transfer it to your Paypal account. They are set up on a quarterly system so that the payments are sent out every 3 months. Here is an example of how it looks online (from a computer i bought last year from staples.com)

  • First, Ebates gives you a $10 Gift Card to Target or Wal-Mart for just signing up! Secondly its free money that you could be saving every time you purchase something online.
  • I use it for everything. Here are some examples: Daily Deals from Living Social + Groupon, Computer from Staples, Baseball mitt from eBay, Christmas Cards from Cardstore, Textbooks from Amazon,
  • Gift Cards from eBay, Clothes from Old Navy, Ipad from Best Buy.
Click HERE
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