Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Military Discounts - Free Admission to Zoo's

Summers almost over. Have you visited the Zoo yet? Zoos love giving Military Discounts. We have put together a list of 30 Zoos and their respective Military Discount. Some of them are FREE (i.e. Bronx, Houston, Pittsburgh, San Diego). And many others offer up to $6 off admission.

Check out the 2017 list below!

Here is the list of Zoos that offer Military Discounts: (Free Admissions in Bold)
  • Atlanta Zoo
    • $4 off general admission
  • Bronx Zoo
    • 1 Free Ticket and 50% off for three additional family members

Please let us know in the comment box below if you know of any other Zoo's with military discounts

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  1. Bismarck's Dakota Zoo - http://www.dakotazoo.org/?id=96

  2. Whapeton's Chahinkapa Zoo - http://www.chahinkapazoo.org/VISITOR-INFORMATION.html

  3. Rosamond Gifford in Syracuse, NY free admission to service member, spouse and 3 additional family members


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