Monday, July 1, 2013

July 4th - Phoenix...and St. Louis

This is for the Phoenix area. I wish I could list more offers from around the country, cause I'm sure there are similar deals all over for the fourth. Try looking at your local news website for local deals going on for the fourth.

Wet 'n Wild - Free admission for all military members from July 2nd - July 7th. Just present your
military ID and you'll get a free ticket. I did this last year and if your spouse has an ID card she/he can also get a free admission. They will also give you up to 6 discounted tickets ($19.99). They also have a firework show on the 4th.

Fireworks - Tempe4th offers free admission to the spectacular which includes entertainment, food, music, water activities, and of course a firework show. I think this is one of the better shows in town. Tickets are normally $5+.

West Gate Mall - Starts at 5pm, July 4th. Splash pad for the kids, music, face painting, vendors, military displays, food, fireworks, etc. This is free for everyone. Military do get a discount of 10%-20% on food prices from several different restaurants that night.

The only other deal that I saw right off the bat was for those in St. Louis. FREE admissions to SIX FLAGS July 4th -July 7th. I tried calling another Six Flags in california to see if they have the same offer, but I never got through to talk to anyone.

What deals have you found for this 4th of July? Please comment, we all would love to hear.

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