Saturday, April 26, 2014

FREE Museum Entrance (over 2000) - $30 Value

Start planning your summer vacation now because the this program is only available for a three month window (May 26-Sept 1, 2014)

When's the last time you've been to a museum? It's actually a lot of fun. So here's your chance to get out of your regular routine of watching a movie, going out to eat, or hanging around at home. Do something different and go to a museum! 

Blue Star Museums is a military friendly program that gives FREE entrance to over 2000 museums, art centers and exhibits. Some of these museums cost over $30 so this can save you hundreds if attending as a family since family members get in free to most locations as well.  As always, bring a form of Military ID.

Who can get in?
 All active duty, reserve, national guard and their families. (although it doesn't mention veterans, but I would imagine they might let you in for free too)

When is this offer available?
Memorial Day (MAY 26th) to Labor Day (SEPT 1st)
So basically from June to August (3 entire months). Perfect for summer vacations

Where can I learn more?
Visit their website here

HERE is a link to an interactive map of the US with all the museums that are participating. Some of these museums can cost $30+ for individual entrance so this can be an awesome deal.

After Clicking on your state or the state you want to visit, it will bring up a long list of participating museums

So go ahead take your loved one or your family out to a museum this summer!!

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