Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Discounted Pub Food at Miller's Ale House

Last weekend I enjoyed a delicious dinner at my local Miller's Ale House.  After chatting with the waiter about other Ale House locations (look here to find your closest restaurant) I discovered there are over 50 locations from Vegas to Miami, Chicago and Boston.  While known for their Zingers, my favorites are the enormous nachos and impressive selection of craft beer.

When it came time to grab the check, I casually asked the waiter if the Ale House offers a military discount.  He had to ask the manager, but came back and told me they have a 25% discount for volunteer firefighters and police officers, but not military personnel.  I thanked him for asking anyway and discovered (as he walked away) that he still gave me the 25% discount on my meal!

Bottom Line: While there is an established discount for public servants (but not military), it never hurts to ask for a military discount.  My sympathetic waiter said he thought military personnel should be included in the "officers discount" and would pursue amending their discount policy at the franchise level.  Hopefully soon I'll be able to update this post with an official military discount policy.

Have a favorite restaurant that offers military discounts?  Let us know!  Post a comment below.

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