Monday, June 24, 2013


I visited my family in Colorado this past weekend, and flew home through the busy Denver International Airport. As I walked by the forever-long security line, I heard someone ask the security guard, does this (fast) line include military? 

Turns out, anyone with a military ID can go through the VIP security line in Denver(active&reserve). It saved me about 30 minutes and about 3,000 times of picking up and setting down my luggage. I am not sure if this is the policy with every airport, since I just found out about it, but try it out in DENVER! I'm sure you could try it in Arizona and see if its similar.

With fast security lines and food at the USO, military travel is a piece of cake.

Click here to locate any USO in the US

Also with a military ID most airlines allow you to check and carry on up to 3 bags for free. This applies to active orders but many airlines are very generous and have given discounts while I have been on reserve duty also. 

To see all Military Airline specials from every airline in the US click here

These are ones I have personal experience with:
  • Southwest - No limit (normally 2 limit)
  • Allegiant Air - Up to 2 free check-on items (normally 0 free)
  • United Airlines - Up to 3 free check-on items (normally 0 free)

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