Friday, June 28, 2013

Car Repair and Maintenance Savings!

I bought a used car two weeks ago. There are a couple of things that I've needed to fix up or have plans to do so. When it comes to cars, military discounts are rampant!! Here's my experience so far.

The previous owner of the vehicle i had bought had somehow lost the power steering pump cap. Hard piece to find but i was able to order one at the local Hyundai dealership. When i went to pick it up I asked if they had a military discount. He said "we sure do". I was expecting maybe 10% but they gave 25% off! The cap was only like six dollars but twentyfive percent off gives me a free jrbaconcheeseburger at Wendy's so i'll take it! Turns out they give that discount for all servicing done at the facility. I asked him if other brands besides Hyundai offer military discount and he expected every repair shop would give at least 10%.

The next thing I wanted to fix was the floor mat to the trunk. It didn't have much support and i was afraid it would caved in with lots of pressure. You can see how thin it is below!!

I decided to go to Home Depot and buy a thin piece of plywood and cut it to the shape of the trunk to  give it more support. Home Depot and Lowe's both offer a 10% discount with military ID

Three weeks ago we had the Serpentine Belt replaced at a local shop on our Honda Civic. They also offered a 15% discount when i asked.

The take home message is that most places offer discounts. Sometimes the employees might not know about it so I will usually ask them to ask their manager real quick in case they do. You'll be surprised by how many places do!

Here's a little trick I use to help me remember. Instead of tucking away my ID card in the depths of my wallet, I store it right next to my credit card so every time I'm about to pay for something I remind myself to ask and see if they have a discount.

Here are some other auto places that I have had experience with that offer military discounts but the list goes much longer.

  • AutoZone (Discounts will vary depending on store, usually 5-10%)
  • BrakeMasters (Receive a 10% discount on your purchase)
  • Meineke (Receive 10% off all parts)
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts (Anywhere from 2-20% off auto parts)
  • Les Schwab (Tires 10% off)

  • If you have had any experience with other stores or locations please post it to the comment section below!!

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    1. Les Schwab in Salem Oregon only gives military discounts for higher end tires. Just pulled out with with a new set of not-so-high end tire and no discount.


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