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Home Depot -- How to Get 10% Military Discount ONLINE

Most people know that you can get a 10% military discount at Home Depot. That's pretty awesome. But did you know that you can get your 10% military discount ONLINE?

Here's how you do it:
  • Go to or, Add all the items you wish to purchase to your cart. Make sure to click on the "Pick up in Store: Free" button. Then go to checkout. 

  • When you are done checking out, you will receive an email confirmation telling you your items are ready to be picked up in store.                
  • When you get ot the store, tell a customer service rep that you are a member of the military and ask if they can help you get a 10% discount on your online pick up. 
  • They will ask to see your military ID. Here is where your response will vary. Some workers will give you the 10% back on a gift card, some will have you return and then buy the item again. Some will not know what to do. Just be patient and ask for a store manager if they don't know what to do. 
That's it! You can place your order using whatever payment you would like (credit card, gift card, debit card, etc.) and your 10% discount will be applied when you pick up your order.

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  1. Is this only an active duty (or active reserves/national guard) discount, or can veterans with a veteran's id take advantage of the discount as well?

    I know Lowe's accepts my VA ID card (the one I use for healthcare) -- although perhaps they are not supposed to.

    I was just wondering what others have experienced with Home Depot.

    BTW: I just chatted with a cust service rep online, and they said that I can place the order as normal online, and then take my order information to a local store...they would verify my id and then adjust my order.

    1. I've had them check my VA card at both places to make sure that it says that my disability is service connected (right under my picture). Most of the time they don't check that.

      All veterans with ID get 10% discount on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Veterans with service-connected disability get 10% discount every day.

    2. you get 10% off All Day Every Day, for Vets, with a Va , Home depot and Lowes

    3. Home Depot gives veterans 10% discount on all products every day.

  2. My husband is retired from the National Guard. We both have Military IDs, and we get the discount by showing our IDs at checkout in the store. We haven't tried it yet on line but probably will in the near future.

  3. I served in Vietnam and gave 4 years to my country, but I cannot make demands on anyone to offer a discount, but on the other hand I truly appreciate those merchants that gives all our military personnel the respectthat has been long overdue by offering us a discount. How can I not shop at Lowes? In this economy, we appreciate the help. Thank you Lowes, it really means a lot.

    1. If you have a DD-214 you can also get the discount.

  4. This 10%goes out to any military person that holds an a military ID or a VA card as long as you can show them that your good to go.


  5. 10% off year round, to active duty, active reserve, retired military, and immediate family. In store only with a valid military ID.
    Active: YES Reserve: YES
    Retiree: YES Veterans: ASK
    Dependents: YES Nationwide: YES

    AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, GU, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV, WY

    Find Home Depot Discounts near you
    Home Depot

    Everyday military discount of 10% off*; All veterans get 10% off on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

    *Here is the official policy on the Home Depot Military Discount:

    All military personnel and veterans are eligible for a 10% discount at all The Home Depot store locations during national holidays such as Memorial Day, July 4th and Veterans Day.
    Additionally, the 10% discount is available to active and reserve military personnel, retired or disabled veterans and their spouses or dependent children, every day, upon request.
    To receive the everyday discount, we ask customers to present one of the following IDs to verify eligibility:

    Common Access Card (CAC is a standard identification card issued to active duty and reserve personnel)
    United States Uniformed Services Privilege and Identification Card:

    Tan - Dependent of active duty member or retiree
    Red - Retired reservist and reservist dependent
    Blue - Retiree
    A VA Medical Center “Veteran Identification Card” (it MUST state “Service Connected”)
    The maximum for both 10% discounts is $500 on a single-receipt purchase at The Home Depot U.S. stores only and cannot be applied to installation products or services, Gift Cards, special buy appliances or in addition to any other offers. The discount is not available for online purchases.

    If you are veteran and do not have a service connected disability, you are only eligible on Memorial Day, July 4th and Veteran's Day.

    1. Home Depot is not NEAR as generous as LOWES on giving your Military discount. Today 24 Feb 16) I went to my local HD store to order a chest freezer that is an "on-line only" item. Inquired about the 10% mil. discount for the order. Was flat denied for any on-line order. I as about ordering, picking up at the store, turning it back in and then repurchase immediately applying the discount. Not only NO but FNO! I found it strange because I had received the Mil. discount for on-line orders previously from this very store?? SO, a quick look on my smart phone showed that LOWES has the very same freezer, model number et Al. but $20 more in price. Walked over to LOWES, ask them if they price match. "OF COURSE" was the answer. "Can I apply my Mil Discount too"? "OF COURSE" was the answer. Thus, ordered the Freezer for an even LOWER price match from some other appliance store I found on-line. Then they applied a 10% discount and I ordered and paid for the freezer. Saving over approx. $50.00 compared to yay-who/Looser HD. Bottom line: LOWES is great for Mil Discount on on-line orders...Home Depot blows.

    2. Well I'm a veteran that didnt claim any disabilities and did 5 years active duty. It looks like all my business will be at Lowes

  6. I'm afraid that is not the official policy on the HD military discount because it's not been published by them. They apparently don't want to share it with everyone or else we might be able to make an informed shopping decision. The 10% Military Discount from Home Depot is a myth. What they offer is a selective discount that doesn’t apply to “commodity items.” You won’t know if your purchase is covered or not until you get to the checkout. I’ve been in contact with them asking them to be honest with the public about the limitations on their “discount” but they’re dragging their feet. So here are your choices. You can go to Home Depot where you MIGHT get a 10% discount on your purchase or you can go to Lowes where you know you will receive a 10% discount. To me the choice is simple. I’m fortunate to live close enough to both stores to be able to have a choice. Some people aren’t that fortunate.
    I know that I’m not entitled to a discount from anyone. My problem is when Home Depot leads people to believe that they’re going to get a 10% discount just to get them into the store and then they change the rules on you. It’s a deceptive practice.
    Btw…this applies to people who are still serving. I’m not familiar enough with veteran/retiree discounts to be able to make a comment.

    1. It isn't difficult to read the policy, however, which is pretty clear in what is allowed and what isn't.

    2. As a retired service member, I enjoy a 10% discount 100% of the time whether I shop at Home Depot or Lowe's. It has never been 'restricted' to any single type of item, I've never been declined. It does appear to have a $50 maximum in a 30 day period however, as I recently did a bathroom renovation costing about $1000 and had to split my purchase between Lowe's and Home Depot when I ran into the upper limit at Home Depot.

    3. Here in south TX Lowe's gives 10% on everything in the store, HD, not so much. One store tells me "no wood" and another tells me "some wood". Went to get a $1500 Cub Cadet a week ago, no discount. Had a friend (ret) went to get things to build a loop for a trailer and not one thing was at a discount so he went to Lowes, guess what, yup everything discounted. I'll just go to Lowes and get the John Deere.

    4. @ rq,

      The only maximum with the 10% Military Discount is $500 on a single receipt purchase. There is no 30 day period as the cashier only has to make visual confirmation of your qualifying Military ID and there is no system in place to track this for each individual customer. There is an override system that tracks how often cashiers apply the 10% Military Discount, but that is just to ensure that a cashier is not abusing the discount (i.e. giving it to their not military friends and family). This discount works 100% of the time on products purchased at retail and doesn't apply to services. As far as marked down product goes, depending on direction from the store manager, you may get an additional 10% off the discounted price of marked down product (according to policy, product marked down at the store level doesn't qualify for any additional discounts), it just depends, but most of the time the additional discount isn't worth the employee making a fuss over so it doesn't hurt to ask politely! Just remember to treat employee's with respect and show kindness (I know there are some.... less than perfect employees out there, but you can make their day just as much as they can make yours! So be respectful and show kindness because a person the likes you is way more likely to do everything they can to help you out than a person that doesn't like you)

    5. I've bought appliances for a home at Lowe's and ended up receiving around $260 in discounts and all appliances were bought at one time. The same goes for Home Depot; I'm renovating my bathroom and I've gotten my discount on whatever I buy; I've saved hundreds.

    6. I just bought a single item from Home Deport just over 700 dollars. Showed my retiree ID and wham!! got my 10% discount with no issues. This has happened every time I go HD no matter what I buy and even if the item is already discounted. I believe that you guys are not talking to the right person. If you need to get the store manager to explain it to the sales person so be it.

    7. I ran into the same issue with only some items discounted at HD. Actually "most " items not discounted. Never an issue at Lowes, 10% on anything.

  7. Return the item to your local store unopened and intact. Then repurchase instore. Been there, done that.

  8. My husband is retired and so we both have ID's as well as our two children. We bought a house that we are remodeling and have been to home depot nearly every day for 4 weeks now. We have received the discount on every item purchased and have definitely received more than $50.00 in discounts. Not sure how they would even track that, as they don't scan or record the ID. They usually just glance at it before I even finish getting it out and then scan a barcode that is hanging by each register that initiates the adjustment. I even received the additional 10 percent on a shade that an employee already discounted 20 percent(I thought it was part of sale, he added discount anyway) when I ordered it. A supervisor did have to do an override at the checkout.

    1. I think the discount is to the individual store's discretion. I have 2 stores in my local area and they have different policies, one discounts 10% on all purchases so I try to go there. The other only discounts up to $50 spent so a max of $5 off per purchase.

  9. I have never been turned down at Lowes or Home Depot for any dollar amount purchase, in several states, and at dozens of stores by simply showing my ID and say "May I please ask you for the military discount" and then promptly thanking them for making it available for veterans. Politeness goes a long way...

  10. I've never had a problem getting a military discount on a store purchase at Home Depot, but it's trickier to get it on an online order than the article indicates. The official policy is that HD will give a discount on an in-store pickup *if* it is a normally-stocked, in-store item. In other words, if the item is listed as "online only" on the web site, the official policy is that the discount isn't available. It can't hurt to ask, though--you may still find a sympathetic CS rep. As for getting a discount on an online purchase that was delivered to your home, doing the old "return-repurchase" dance should get you the discount (again, so long as it's not an "online only" item).

    FYI,I confirmed that this is HD's policy in my local store as of today. Who knows what the policy will be tomorrow?

  11. You can get a 10% discount in the store not a problem on regularly priced items, but not items already discounted or on sale.
    As for online orders,I was told by a Home Depot representative it is at the discretion of the store.

  12. I called Home Depot on July 14 2016. Home Depot does NOT provide the 10% military discount when you purchase Special Order or on-line. Lowe's however DOES provide this discount. Keep this in mind when purchasing on-line.

  13. I tend to go to Lowes, as they offer the discount on items that are on sale. My local HD does not. My wife and I went to go buy a new washer and dryer. HD had it on sale, so we went there. I asked if I could get the Mil Discount and was told no, the item is already on sale. Told them I'd think about it. Went to Lowes, set was $20 cheaper. I asked if I could use the military discount and they said "of course". Guess who got my biz?

  14. So sad the complaints of not getting a discount lol

  15. If ordering online, you definitely want to check your local store. Here in Newport, RI -- home to 3,000+ Navy people + thousands of military retirees -- the Home Depot store #4287 Middletown -- the customer service people won't budge on granting the 10% discount for online orders and the store manager goes into hiding :-)

  16. My local store will not do the 10% for online orders. They insist that they would have to do a return and send everything back. This was today at the Fleming Island Florida location per Manager Pamela Mercer.

  17. I was told by the Christiana, De Home Depot Service desk that I could not get a military discount on online purchases. Jan 2017.

  18. In store items you will get a discount on most but not all stuff. Clearance, black friday, fuel like propane, wood pellets etc, specal orders, commodities like drywall,and common lumber, anything online without a store sku number. No store sku I have no way to ring it up.

    Look, margins are thin, can't operate at a loss.

    Ahole #1. Roger. Roger runs his handyman business, demands his discount saying it's his own personal home. In uniform for work and driving his work truck. Wants his discount daily. Parks in handicap and says he has a window sticker but Colorado does not issue that, just placards and plates.

    Dckwad #2. The guy who cane in yesterday and wanted his online only order re rang, no bueno as not sold in store. I explaibed it to him and told me exactly what is in the article. Akl while being very condecending towards me. Isked him if he was reading this to me iff the HD website abd showed me this website. He wanted the manager and the manager told him EXACTLY the same thing. A real pretentious asshole he was.

    I'm sick of so many vets that think everyone/businesses owe them a discount for everything!

    Fuck off, 80+% of you vets never seen the frontlines let alone had to do anything courageous.

    I'm a right arm amputee, on disability and work PT at HD and dont get a discount so quit bitching.

  19. Wow Russell D. I'm a retired Vet. I've been deployed many times, my last to Landstuhl Army Hospital. That would be the Level One Trauma Center taking ALL the casualties back from Iraq, Afghanistan, The Horn of Africa and other O Dark Thirty places. Lots of amputees there, both arms, legs.... I still take care of our WWII vets in a civilian hospital. Remember Korea and Vietnam???

    Do you know how many didn't make it home to take advantage of that 10% discount? Exactly.

    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your right arm. The prosthetics we use for our civilian patients are in large part based on technology gained from their losses and passed on to the civilian population.

    I have responded to in flight emergencies, pulled several civilians from vehicles one burning and one on its roof pinning a civilian inside around a blind corner on a highway. I didn't ask them if they were military. Guess where I learned how to pull someone from a burning tank? They don't teach that in civilian schools.

    So the next time anyone asks you for the military discount, smile and say thank you for your service and don't ask for their service record. It may be me. And I'm pretty sure if your disability income isn't taxed. So 10% from a company that honors its Vets is a small thank you and it isn't your place to judge.

    And for any Military reading this. Smile and wave, smile and wave. Thank you for all you have done.

  20. SPENT 8 YRS 10 MONTHS AND 16 DAYS IN SERVICE. I HAVE A Vietnam Service Medal for being in the war zone not the era one.Since I refused to stay for 30 days to have the Doc's look at my back I did not get the 5 to 10% disability,had to go I had a job.I am on Medicare, so I don't need to bug Va. It would be nice to get a discount since I know retired reserves that in the 60's never made it out of the country


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