Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Military Discount - Microsoft Office for $9.95

Did you know that Military can download 
Microsoft Office Professional Plus for $9.95! 
This is a steal of a deal. Normally it costs $399...yikes

Here are 8 easy steps for the Military Discount 
on Microsoft Office

2) Enter your military email address 
For example: @mail.mil, us.army.mil, navy.mil or usmc.mil

If you are a veteran and don't have a military email,
 then you can still get it for a discounted price ($62)
 at the Microsoft Store for Military

3) Don't enter anything under where it says "program code":

If that doesn't work than you can try entering one of these codes but most people have reported having the best success by NOT entering any code.
Army/Air Force - enter the code C4FAA257E3
Navy - enter the code 67F2F2491D (new code as of May 8, 2014)
Navy/Marines - enter the code is 3ABDFFAB76
*Your email must be in the following format John.Doe@navy.mil, Jane.Doe@usmc.mil, etc
*If that doesn't work, try entering your email address without any code

4) They will then send you an email that contains a link to download the software

5) Click on the link inside the email

6) It will bring you to the page below

7) Proceed with the checkout and click install

8) YOU'RE DONE!!! (takes about 5 minutes)
Click the Picture Below to take you to 
the $9.95 download page or click HERE

Please comment below your Military branch and if it worked for you. If it didn't work for you give us more details then just "the code didn't work". Tell us your branch, status, email address, and details like you didn't get the email, or it wouldn't accept my military address, etc. and we will try and help. 

If you are a veteran and don't have a military email then you can still get a discounted price ($62) at the Microsoft Store for Military. Right now they are giving an extra 10% off

If none of this is working for you and you need it right away, you can buy a monthly subscription for $6. Click here. Then verify that you are military, click on "Office", then click on "Office 365 Personal", then click on "1 month-auto renewal" or click here to go directly there

The military also provides McAfee or Norton Antivirus software free of charge , visit our page Military Free Antivirus Software (McAfee - Norton) to learn how to download it. 

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  1. I didn't have to do any of this. I went to microsofthup.com, entered in my military e-mail, checked my work e-mail through webmail with a cac reader from home, got the e-mail, clicked the link, purchased, and downloaded. It's way easier than all of this. All I needed was my .mil e-mail address.

    1. Dude, do you read the post?! Haha you just listed steps 1,2,4,5,6,7,8 from above

    2. Thanks for the update. We're glad it worked for you and that you found a simple way to do it

  2. I am officially calling shenanigans on this. I too have a us.af.mil address and after applying the code it denied me with:

    "We are sorry, but we are unable to complete your request.The following problem(s) exist: Please contact your benefit administrator to learn if you are eligible and to retrieve your program code."

    I also called a helpdesk number that went straight to India, and I told them I'm military and it's not working. they told me to contact my company or benefits manager or whatever.

    I thank discounts-deals4military.com for putting this down, but I am disappointed with Microsoft... again.

  3. The code for the navy is 67F2F2491D. I just used it and it worked for me. Hope this helps.

    1. Glad it worked for you!! I just updated our article

  4. I bought Microsoft Office 2013 a little over a year ago, it worked great! I recently though had to reboot my computer. I attempted to save all the Microsoft Office files onto my external hard drive, in hopes that when I rebooted the computer I would still be able to use it. It didn't work though. So my question is, do I have to buy the product again, and if I do, will the system even let me? I say this because I thought you were only aloud to have one subscription per email address.
    Thank you,
    James R

    1. Hey James R,

      I had a similiar thing happen to me. I got a new computer and so I wondered if I'd be able to get Microsoft office on it also. I tried to do the process above but I ran in to some roadblocks. What I ended up doing however is finding the original email the sent me nd downloading the software from the link. It worked great and I didn't have any problems. So remember to save all the emails with all the links and codes they send you. Hope that helps

    2. This worked for me Mckenzie... I have an ang.af.mil address and your suggestion to just click "Don't know your program code?" worked... I got an email within a minute.. thanks

  5. **If the code for your branch does not work just click on the blue hyperlink (in the Register Now box, Microsoft's webpage) "Don't Know Your Program Code? Click Here." and just enter your work email. It will then send the email. That is what I had to do & the email came within minutes! Hope this helps because I tried all of the codes as well as just leaving the Program Box empty and I kept getting an error message.

  6. Not working here.. My husband has tried every way stated but his work email has his ships number in it so it's not strictly a navy.mil email address, could that be the reason we get an error?

    1. Yeah I'm pretty sure it has to be strictly the {military branch}.mil or microsoft doesn't recognize it.

    2. That's messed up, because with the Navy, your email constantly changes according to your duty station and its not like the Army where its one set address. If you are attached to a ship then its going to have the ship number in it, plus navy.mil. There has to be a way that this works for our Navy. We tried with my husband's ship address with and without the codes and it didn't work. We got all the same messages as stated above. What a bummer!

  7. Hi, great advice but, for some reason when I receive the email on AKO when I click the link I get an error message telling me my computer is not able to redirect me to the store - some software missing that I need to download or is this an issue with AKO firewall do you think? Peter M

    1. Hey Peter,

      Sounds like AKO firewall. Can you try copying the link and opening on another computer or another browser.

    2. Tried but now my laptop computer is saying that there is no program associated with the file and I either need to download one or associate the file with one I already have. It seems to be a .aspx suffix, but I am not an expert! Any tips?


    3. No luck, I can't find the text behind the JPEG to get the link. When I double click on the picture my laptop tells me that there is so software associated with the file - but no clues what software it needs, where to get it or even with the problem suffix is! I might have to try using Office 360.

  8. This didnt work for me, Im active duty airforce. and it wouldnt accept my work email, any help on this?

  9. If I'm on a ship and my email has a hull number before the navy.mil (like @cvn76.navy.mil), is there a different code I would need to use. The @navy.mil code isn’t working for me.

  10. Great steps. Now I can start school thanks....@USMC


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