Sunday, January 25, 2015

Warehouse Military Discounts (BJ's, Costco, Sam's Club)

Lets take a closer look at the 3 Major Warehouse Stores and their Military Discounts! All three stores offer their military discount for active, reserve and retired military personnel and their families. 

BJ'S - Military Members qualify for a discounted membership (30% off)

Military membership is $35 (regularly $50)
They will also send you a $10 Coupon in the mail.
The offer is valid to both active and retired military personnel. In addition you get a Free Second Card and additional users can be added for $25 each. Note: Military Members must present a valid Military ID at time of enrollment at the club. This $15 discount is valid for renewals also.

COSTCO - Costco is unique because instead of presenting your ID card at the store to get the discount, they have partnered up with "SheerId" to verify Military Status. This is all done online. Here's how to sign up:
  1. Visit to start the online registration process
  2. Enter in your military status (active, retired, veteran) and contact information (name, email, birthday)
  3. Next you will have to upload proof of military identification. Some examples include Form DD 214, VA ID, Deployment orders or any other official military documentation.
  4. After they verify your military status they will send you an email with instructions on how to complete the rest of online registration. This includes paying the $55 membership fee online. 
  5. Costco will then send you your activation card in the mail. Take this activation card into Costco and they will complete the signup process and give you your official membership card with your picture ID.
  6. Along with the activation card, they will also send you coupons for free products and other great savings valued at more than $50. When I signed up a couple years ago some of coupon items included Rotisserie Chicken, Spring Drinking Water Bottles, and 48pk AA Batteries
RECAP: Membership costs $55 but with the membership they send you coupons valued around $50 bringing the overall cost of membership for military members to $5!!

SamsClub - Offers a free $15 Gift Card with a 1-year membership. All you need is a valid ID. Membersip is $45. Visit our Military Discount - Sam's Club for more details

The nice thing about Sam's Club Military Discount is that is is good for renewals also. Costco's military discount on the other hand is only good for NEW members.

-BJ's ($35 with $10 Coupon) = $25 Total Cost
-Costco ($55 with $50 in coupons) = $5 Total Cost
-Sam's Club ($45 with a $15 GiftCard) = $30 Total Cost

In conclusion, Costco is definitely the cheapest cost when factoring in the coupons they send you. BJ's and Sam's Club are better deals in the long run however because they give the military discount every year. 

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  1. Good Info!
    Here's an update from my personal experience.
    Choosing Veteran/Retiree for COSTCO, I did not have to upload any documentation.
    I did have to provide my separation day though.

    1. Thanks for the Update

  2. What are the $50 in coupons? What if I don't use those items?

    1. They vary from time to time. Usually they are a combination of food items and products like batteries. Sorry you can't exchange the coupons or get cash instead. So if you don't use the coupons it is just your loss.

    2. Don't all members get coupons periodically? How is this a discount to military? I was paying $55. before someone told me they give a discount. I'm not sure this is a great deal.

  3. Can a military spouse apply and get the military costco discount

    1. Yes, as long as she can verify his or her spouses military status

  4. A big thumbs down for Sam's Club for exclusion of non-retired veterans.

    1. Huge thumps down. All military past and present deserve all discounts. That should be the law! I agree with you 100%

    2. I'm a retired veteran and I'm so fed up with seeing veterans (retired and non-retired) acting as if they're entitled to special discounts, handouts, freebies, etc. We all VOLUNTEERED to wear the uniform and it's disgraceful to expect special treatment for doing so.

    3. Do you use AARP discounts or any type of senior discounts? Yes, you volunteered, but how many volunteer to give up their families for months at a time? How many volunteer to be gone for the birth of their children, or when thet know a loved one may die before they can get home? God bless all of those that have, do and will for us.

    4. VOLUNTEERED?? Have you forgotten about all the Vietnam vets that were DRAFTED??

    5. I think those that were drafted should have a permanent discount everywhere. I also think those that VOLUNTEERED deserve discounts as well. Remember there are millions of people enjoying the benefits of life off of the backs of those of us who CHOSE to fight for our country. Never taking away the sacrifices of those that were drafted. WE ALL deserve a discount above those that didn't do any service. Just my opinion.

  5. BJ's offers coupons booklets to all customers every month. So you still save on the membership more than Costco one time coupon offer.


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